A pop quiz on education


Forget momentarily that Joe Biden is president; Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, which controls the country’s purse strings; Chuck Schumer of New York reigns on the Senate roost; and a relatively unknown union leader oversees the federal education ministry.

Now is the time for your quiz.

Who among them runs your school system?

Who decides how much education dollars your state receives for education?

Who decides if ESL, special education, athletics and chess, music and art programs are funded?

Answer: All four – and don’t forget the tens of thousands of people who work in the White House, Congress, federal agencies, unions, and “consult” as lawyers, lobbyists, and experts.

One of those experts, Dr.Anthony Fauci, weighed in on COVID-19 strategies from the start and was one of President Trump and the mainstream media’s favorite men. The good doctor is now working for Mr Biden, who cannot make up his mind on the expertise he will take.

Vice President Kamala Harris and her team weren’t on hand either.

But do you know who hasn’t grown? School union leaders.

They continue to make demands as if union contracts were on the table and a strike was underway. In fact, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a Liberal Democrat, asked the Chicago Teachers Union this week to return to classrooms to, well, teach.

DC and many other school systems across the country are still struggling to reopen school facilities, as paychecks wereted no time and stimulus checks are deposited in mailboxes and bank accounts. .

In the meantime, here’s the last question in the quiz: Who is actually going to count the bill for funding COVID-19 schools – Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer or the relatively unknown woman who now heads the Department of Education?

Answer: You will – after local and state leaders find out that the federal government’s arithmetic is as bogus as a $ 3 bill.

Call your local and state pols and tell them to get off their heinies, do their jobs, and reopen the schools.

Forget what Mr. Biden will or will not do. He didn’t close the schools and doesn’t remember it, and all Ms Pelosi and Mr Schumer will do is appease the unionists anyway.

And you know who’s going to end up with the shortest straw of them all: young people, who haven’t seen their traditional academic fate since last winter.

Deborah Simmons can be contacted at [email protected]

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