All Dislyte Pop quiz questions and answers

Dislyte is a brand new mobile game which is a turn-based gatcha RPG. There are beautiful neon mythical gods mixed with an overall EDM musical vibe which gives it its unique look and feel. Like almost all live games, there is a brand new event called The Esper Pop Quiz. This event aims to get players excited for Zora, Dislyte’s newest character. Here are the answers to The Esper Pop Quiz in Dislyte.

Esper Pop Quiz Answers in Dislyte

There is a total of three questions in The Esper Pop Quiz. If you win or lose you will be rewarded, but the reward is definitely better if you win. With each correct answer you will earn 1 gold disc which is the necessary material to get the best heroes in the game. With each wrong answer you will get 100 Nexus crystals needed to buy discs. Here are all the correct answers to The Esper Pop Quiz in Dislyte:

  1. In mythical accounts, Amunet is closest to which of the following gods? Has my.
  2. What is Zora’s current occupation? Bounty hunter.
  3. Which of the following items is Zora’s favorite? Rabbit toy.

This Esper Pop Quiz will end July 12, the same day that Amazon Prime Day begins, so be sure to answer these questions and get 3 Golden Records before that. Each question requires some prerequisites. Here is the prerequisites for answering the Pop Quiz questions in Dislyte:

issue 1

  • Spends 200 stamina points
  • Complete the Miracle Cube
  • Complete 2 bounty missions
  • Daily login

issue 2

  • Win 5 point war battles
  • Obtain 5 4-Star+ Relics of the Ritual Miracle
  • Promote Esper star rating 1 time
  • Daily login

issue 3

  • Consumes 500 stamina points
  • Upgrade relics 10 times
  • Ride an Esper 3 times
  • Daily login

For more about all things Dislytecheck out our Dislyte page.

Dislyte is now available on iOS, Mac, Android and PC.

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