Bella Poarch and Valkyrae face off in Game Show’s season premiere

Online personalities love to collaborate, and two of the internet’s favorite stars have teamed up to appear on a hit game show. Bella Poarch and Valkyrae competed as contestants on Name your price Season 2 premiere, alongside compatriot Hasan Piker (HasanAbi) and AustinShow co-hosts Will Neff and JustaMinx. For those unaware, Poarch is a pop singer with a huge following on TikTok. She has 91.2 million subscribers on the platform and even holds the record for the most liked TikTok of all time. Valkyrae is huge in the streaming space, with 3.71 million YouTube subscribers.

The “Dolls” streamer and singer both donned ’70s fashion for their appearance on give me your price, which is set up like a vintage game show. Without spoiling anything, the pair did very well in competition, with both vying to win in the end. The duo and Piker’s appearance marked a particularly significant episode for the series, given that all of the contestants were in person, as opposed to the Season 1 guests who were remote.

All of these factors and more turned the episode into a very successful installment of give me your price. Based on publicly available viewing statistics, approximately half a million viewers have currently watched the episode between AustinShow and G4 TV’s Twitch and YouTube channels. (This does not take into account that viewers tune into G4’s linear outlets.)

This episode also served as an introduction to G4’s last show, Hey Donna. Hey Donna is a telephone advice show starring Neff as a middle-aged woman named Donna who gives life advice to real callers. For the season premiere, not only was Neff doing double duty, but Piker and JustaMinx were double duty as well. Piker was the special guest at the premiere and JustaMinx replaced the official co-host QTCinderellawho fell ill before the broadcast. Hey Donna The launch also appeared to be successful, with around 200,000 viewers logged in public viewing data.

give me your price Season 2 continues Thursday at 5 p.m. ET via Twitch and YouTube. Competitors will be top streamers xQc, cyr and adept. Hey Donna will air a new episode again afterwards.

Waiting, give me your price Season 1 is streaming on YouTube. You can also still catch reruns when they air on G4’s cable channel and live streaming hubs like G4 Select, the network’s Pluto TV channel.

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