CBS Reviving Classic Word-Based Game Show

CBS will revive another long-lost game show that comes at just the right time to join the Wordle fandom that exists. Lingo has been in the works since summer 2021 and is now set to premiere with host RuPaul Charles at the helm.

As Deadline adds, the show is a cross between bingo and a word puzzle, with two contestants competing in puzzle rounds that will reveal letters to the puzzles on the large board. Each episode lasts approximately one hour and two winning teams will face off in a final round for the big cash prize.

The original show premiered in 1987, the first of three releases. The original was hosted by Michael, the son of President Ronald Reagan. A reboot was later ordered by the Game Show Network hosted by Chuck Woolery from 2002 to 2007, with a third rerun in 2011.

The latest reboot follows an ITV version that launched in 2021 and found success with 90 daytime episodes. The CBS version, however, is slated for a primetime spot and is being driven by All3Media. The company is behind TBS’s The Cube game show starring Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade and HBO Max’s 12 Christmas dates.

RuPaul will host, produce and tag Lingo as a chance to “have fun again” during the announcement. CBS echoed this through the words of SVP of Alternative Programming at CBS Mitch Graham.

“We give you a letter, and you guess the rest,” Graham said. “The word game craze is sweeping the nation, and Lingo will deliver a fast-paced, fun and addictive show for the whole family. RuPaul’s flair and quick wit, paired with the ability for viewers to play at home , make it a timely show with broad appeal that we are excited to join our lineup of networks.”

Deadline adds that the series will premiere in 2022, likely as one of many summer attractions to fill spots after the end of the regular TV season. If you’ve played Wordle, Lingo’s gameplay will be very familiar to you in some ways, so this could be an interesting production.

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