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Yes, Nickelodeon’s predecessor put the kids in the spotlight, but now it’s the adults’ turn to “cross the moat, climb the steps of knowledge, pass through the temple of Olmec – avoiding the dreaded guards of the temple – and use their knowledge and courage to test them in the adventure of a lifetime, ”adds the site.

Casting agents are looking for teams of two, especially those who are “super-fans” of “Legends of the Hidden Temple”.

The site says Legends of the Hidden Temple casting agents “are looking for teams of two who can be in the Los Angeles area during the month of July, who work well together, and [who] want to prove they have what it takes. And if you are a super fan of the Captions franchise is a big plus in their eyes.

To complete the casting request, you must provide contact information, height, weight, hometown, occupation and photo of each teammate.

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You also explain how you know each other and how long you’ve known each other, how you would describe your team, how others would remember you, and what your strengths and weaknesses are. You list your favorite games, your special abilities and “the craziest and most adventurous thing you and your teammate have ever done together”. And you describe what you love about the show, what you remember about the Temple, and how you relate to the show.

Then come questions relating to the Legends of the Hidden Temple challenges: you assess your knowledge of the human body, geography, science, history and pop culture. You assess your ability to swim. You disclose if you have allergies, claustrophobia, dizziness, or fear of heights. And confess “the most embarrassing thing you would do to be on the show.”

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The producers of “Legends of the Hidden Temple” were inundated with entries.

If you don’t make the cut for Legends of the Hidden Temple, do not feel bad: candidates have a parcel competition. Talk to TV initiate Last month, executive producer Scott A. Stone revealed that 24,000 fans had applied to participate in the revival within two weeks.

“We had to remove the nominations,” Scott added. “When we advertise a new show, usually we get 1,000 applicants, and that’s amazing. And if we get 2,000 applicants for a hit show, that’s a lot.

He continues: “There is so much love in the hearts of the 25-40 year old audience. It seems to have touched the hearts of so many in the best possible way ”,

Legends of the Hidden Temple airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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