‘Danger!’ Fans weigh on social media after Game Show confirms replacement host


Danger! viewers weigh in after the longtime game show announced its new host on Wednesday. When Danger! returns for season 38, executive producer Mike Richards will reprise the role of host left vacant by Alex Trebek, who hosted Danger! from 1984 just days before his death in November 2020. In addition to Richards, Mayim Bialik, who hosted Season 37, will host prime time specials and spinoff series, including the National College Championship.

Richards had been one of the host of guest hosts staged this season, along with others including LeVar Burton, Savannah Guthrie, Aaron Rodgers, Dr. Oz, and more. Richards, however, had been widely seen as a frontrunner for the job, with a report leaked last week that he was set to land the job. During the official announcement, Ravi Ahuja, President of Global Television Studios and Corporate Development for Sony Pictures, said they are “delighted to start the next chapter of America’s favorite quiz show with Mike hosting our daily show and Mayim hosting new versions of Danger!Ahuja added that they “took this decision incredibly seriously” and “a tremendous amount of work and deliberation went into it.” Mike and Mayim were undeniable choices. “

While fans have long waited to see who will take on the important role, Wednesday’s announcement drew widespread backlash. Many wondered if any of the other guest hosts had ever really been considered for the job, with others pointing to Richards’ involvement in discrimination lawsuits. Keep scrolling to see what Danger! viewers say.

“Mike Richards has years of experience as an EP. That’s where his talent lies. He wasn’t a big one. [Jeopardy!] host, ” wrote another viewer. “It would have been so much better to give the concert full time to Mayim Bialik, she was exceptional. Give Richards the spinoff, let him stay EP. They almost did it right.”

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“Even without Mike Richards’ disturbing story, they couldn’t have made a more boring choice,” tweeted a person. “I’m sure a lot of people watching Danger! will continue, but I doubt they’ve sparked any interest in potential new viewers. “

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“Will only watch the nights when Mayim is”, said someone else. “My family watched Danger every night for as far as I can remember. When I was in college, mom would call every night to see if I had the Final Jeopardy answer. Mike Richards was lame as a host. “

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“This decision to appoint Mayim Bialik as the host of prime time specials and spinoff from a longtime game show Danger alongside executive producer Michael Richards as the main host, it’s like a clumsy attempt to avoid criticism, ” wrote another fan.

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“After 36 years of watching #Jeopardy every night, after countless dedicated fans telling you that LeVar Burton is still the best choice. [Jeopardy!] go and breathe, ” tweeted a viewer. “Totally deaf. “


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