Do you remember Sixers center Andre Drummond answers pop quiz about NBA career

Philadelphia 76ers big man Andre Drummond has had a solid career. After being selected ninth in the 2012 NBA Draft, he’s now in his 10th season in the league and he’s seen a lot and accomplished a lot.

He’s a two-time All-Star, a four-time rebounding champion, a 2016 All-NBA selection, and he has career averages of 14.3 points and 13.9 rebounds. He’s amassed 44 games where he’s recorded at least 20 points and 20 rebounds through StatMuse, and he’s carved his name in the NBA’s rebound record book.

With all of these accomplishments as a backdrop, Drummond recently caught up with Sixers Wire to take a pop quiz to see what he remembers from his career. He discussed his first NBA bucket, his time with the Detroit Pistons, former teammates such as Blake Griffin and LeBron James, and much more.

Editor’s Note: This interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.

Q: You scored your first bucket against the Houston Rockets. Do you remember who passed the ball to you?

André: Will Bynum

Sixers Wire: good

I was right? In fact, I know the exact game. It was a floppy disk game. Someone came up and threw it from almost halfway down and I had a lob and dunk, I think it was, right?

It was a soft drape

It was a soft drape! Yeah!

Q: You have made 15 3-pointers in your career. Do you remember the team you hit your first game against?

Dr: * silence *

SW: You were on the road and it was in the West

Was it San Antonio?


Do not tell me ! Let me guess. Was this my rookie year? It was a long time ago. Where the hell was I?

Do you want another clue? It was a broken part. It was supposed to be a play for someone nearby and they threw it at you.

Oh! Denver! Denver. I remember it now. I almost said Denver, but I wasn’t really sure.

Q: When you got traded to Cleveland, what did the Cavaliers give the Pistons to get you?

Brandon Knight and …[expletive] I can’t remember who else it was.

John henson

Oh [expletive]! John Henson. He’s my guy too.

John Henson and Brandon Knight and Detroit also got a draft pick

Yeah, what an interesting job.

Q: Do you know what is your career point record?

Dr: 32?

SW: You are close


You did it twice. Can you name the two teams you did it against?


OKAY. The first time you did it was against Chicago.

Was this the six-overtime game? Four-hour overtime game?

Four. Do you remember how many minutes you played this game?

Surely not! But I know it’s a lot.

You played 54 minutes

* laugh * Yeah! I knew it was a lot. It was a long night.

And you screwed up!

I did! It was a scary night. I think we ended up winning this game too.

You did it. Now you did it with Cleveland too.

Oh, it was against New York. For sure. It was a very, very good evening.

Q: Do you know your career rich in rebounds?

Dr: 29

SW: Yes. Do you know who you did it against?

Golden state


Was it?


Oh! They took my [expletive] Golden State rebound. I remember that. They deceived me. They took it from me. I was so sick.

Q: Your highest score average against any team is 16.8. Can you name this team?

Dre: Minnesota?

SW: No



Oh yeah, absolutely! It’s a home game for me. I try to kill them every time I play them. It’s a home game for me. I have about 40 people at the game.

Oh yes?

I lived in New England. Connecticut is like an hour’s drive away. So as my high school teammates come, the family all come.

This is what’s going on, man. It’s really cool.

Q: You played with five guys who were drafted No. 1. Can you name these five?

Dre: Anthony Davis is one. The two of LeBron… I played with so many people [expletive] people man. I know these two for sure.

SW: Two of them were in Detroit with you.

Blake wasn’t one, was he? Yeah, Blake was one, wasn’t he? Yeah. He missed the first year. That’s why I didn’t remember it.

Now you played with this guy briefly. He played with you during your last year there.


Derrick Rose

Oh, [expletive]! You are right! Wow. I played with Derrick Rose. I had some [expletive] great teammates.

Now the fifth, I don’t know if you’re going to get it. You haven’t really played with him yet.

Oh, the big one.

Yeah. Ben (Simmons).

Technically on paper, he’s my teammate.

Q: Do you have any crazy stories about LeBron or AD? Or Blake or any of those guys you can share?

Dre: LeBron, not really. LeBron really is LeBron James. He is very, very close. AD, I’ve known AD since I was like [expletive] 14 play against him in the AAU and all that too. He’s always been a goofball, so there’s no real story apart from the fact that he’s a goofy kid.

Derrick Rose is as serious as he gets. Still, I learned a lot from him. Just as he takes gambling seriously, how well he takes care of his body. I learned a lot from him about it.

Blake, this is my guy. I love Blake man.

SW: Do you still keep in touch with Blake?

Yeah, I talk to Blake every two weeks. This is my guy, man. We watch each other all the time. He’s a very, very good guy.

Q: You have so many 20-20 games in your career. Do you remember who you played against first? I give you the year, it’s 2014.

Dre: East or West Coast team?

SW: It wasn’t a West Coast team, but it was a Western Conference team.

It was against Houston, right?

Wrong. The New Orleans Pelicans.

Oh good? Wow.

Q: I have one more for you. You have two match winners in your career.

Dre: Indiana is one of them.

SW: Indiana is one of them. Can you name the other?


Yes. Do you remember what the room was meant to be?

Brandon Jennings, it was made for him to do the layup or I was going to get the rebound. We cleared the back so he could go down the lane and shoot a layup. There was no one in the back to block me, so if he missed, I understood him.

Milwaukee, it was me against Giannis (Antetokounmpo) in the clinch when Pope (Kentavious Caldwell-Pope) shot 3, and he didn’t stand a chance. *smiling*

Actually, I was going to ask you if you remember who shot the 3.

Yeah, Pope.

Dre, I like you.

I like you. No problem. Thank you.



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