Even a Bill Murray pop quiz can’t crush Spelling Bee champion Zaila Vanguard

Zaila Avant-garde, Phoebe Robinson, Bill Murray

Zaila Avant-garde, Phoebe Robinson, Bill Murray
Screenshot: Jimmy Kimmel Live

If the world was truly a meritocracy, it would be people like Scripps National Spelling Bee champion Zaila Vanguard calling the shots. In addition to becoming the first African-American to conquer the annual spelling contest and having received at least two full rounds at various reputable colleges, the 14-year-old already holds three world records for her basketball grips. crazy ball, as the young woman demonstrated on Wednesday Jimmy Kimmel Live. (Vanguard also has big plans to work at NASA, play in the WNBA, and train professional male hoops, as well as, we can only imagine, solving global warming and finally solving this puzzle of cold fusion.)

With guest host and 1 dope queen Phoebe robinson Presenting the vanguard while holding a handful of index cards next to a rack full of multi-colored basketballs, the champion could only assume that her various skills were about to be put to the test again. . (Kimmel’s sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez was dressed in a bee costume to distribute the balls, for more difficulty, as the spot was called “Bee Ball.” Word “Machiavellian” while dribbling three balloons of basketball with ease You know, if you count the spelling of the word while gently passing the balls behind his back and between his legs at the same time impressive.

“Amaryllis” was also not a challenge, as the champion even politely corrected Robinson’s pronunciation while repeating the round with double the number of balls at the same time. (That’s six basketballs, for those of us as bad at maths as we are at spelling.) Still, Robinson pulled out the big guns for his final test, asking the champion to balance himself on a cylindrical roller. while dribbling three balls and spelling out a French loanword. Oh, and the question would be asked by Bill Murray.

As those Scripps heads know, Vanguard referred to the legendary actor and comedian just before winning all the shebang by spelling out “Murraya”(That is, like our collaboratorgues at The root put it, “a type of candle tree”). With Murray beaming from France, where he attends the Cannes premiere of Wes Anderson’s film The French dispatch, Avant-garde overcame his obvious surprise by talking to the star about Lost in translation (the only Murray movie she’s ever seen) while dribbling and spelling “portmanteau”. As a reward, the awesome and effortlessly winning Vanguard received another scholarship (this time for the Sports Academy Hoops Clinic), along with the nickname “Big Z” from Murray, who also said the famous polymath was helping his beloved Chicago Bulls. If she has the time, that’s fine.

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