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If you are a fan of soccer and console games at the same time, you will probably rub your eyes in surprise when reading this title! PS5, Xbox or PS4 controller with FC-Porto-Logo? Is it possible? A completely legitimate question, as not everyone knows that they aren’t doomed to boring standard controller models. The shops are full of mundane and traditional controllers made by the biggest companies, which lack a little soul, but also the ability to adapt to the physical conditions of the player. Fortunately, the AimControllers team also comes to the rescue here, offering not only aesthetically appealing designs but also controllers with customizable buttons for their functions and settings. Plot ? So let us tell you a little more about our selection of Xbox, PS5 and PS4 controllers for FC Porto fans.

What does AimControllers’ partnership with FC Porto consist of?

We are more than proud to announce that after several months of design work and technological research, as well as a marketing analysis, we have developed the latest models of our controllers, compatible with the PS4, PS5 and Xbox One consoles and designed with fans of FC Porto bothers them. We have to admit that these products are innovative and state of the art controllers in our range. Their additional advantage is their ergonomics and their efficiency, because the Nacao Porto and Dragons ranges have been designed in collaboration with the best specialists and tested by professional players to meet the highest standards of quality and playing comfort. been loaded, but also resulted in two ranges of controllers inspired by the emblems of the FC Porto team – the Nacao Porto range and the Dragons range – which will not only capture the hearts of football fans, but above all passionate players. The Nacao Porto controller range is inspired by the FC Porto football team and its colors, while Dragons refers to the mascot of the FC Porto esports team. Both series are available in two versions – Basic and Premium. Do you dream of an Xbox, PS5, PS4 controller with FC-Porto-Logo? Now let’s see their characteristics.

Nacao Porto and the Dragons Line – a little bit about the features of AimControllers controllers for PS4, PS5 and Xbox

AimController’s Nacao Porto and Dragons ranges are the perfect Xbox, PS5 and PS4 controllers for FC Porto fans. One of them refers to the legendary soccer team, while the design of the other is inspired by the FC Porto esports team. True fans of this team will certainly guess which line refers to, but let us tell you about both in detail, because beyond the aesthetic value, we have a lot more to share.

Nacao Porto line by AimControllers

The Nacao Porto product line, just like the Dragon variant, is sold in two versions Basic and Premium. Basic Controllers are the highest quality gaming gadgets, made in style and colors inspired by the colors of one of the world’s most popular soccer teams – FC Porto. The Nacao Porto Basic series will meet your expectations if you like the highest quality games and gaming accessories and at the same time want to support your favorite team! The Nacao Porto Premium series controllers are high-end accessories, developed according to the best industry standards and characterized by a unique design. But looks aren’t everything, as the Nacao Porto Premium series is also equipped with Smart Triggers and Paddles, which you can customize to your preference and gain the edge over other players!

Line of Dragons by AimControllers

The Dragons series combines attractive design solutions, with motifs referencing the team’s mascot – a dragon, with the most innovative and renowned technologies used in the production of console controllers. The Dragons range comes in two versions – Premium and Basic. The Basic range controllers are a reliable product that will immediately improve your results with every game! While Premium is dedicated to true gaming enthusiasts, for whom, in addition to the standard options, the possibility of optimizing their performance, changing the layout and functionality of the keys and improving playing comfort is important. The Dragons Premium Controllers for PS4 can be equipped with innovative smart triggers and special paddles with default configuration! In a nutshell, both Xbox, PS5 and PS4 controller series for FC Porto fans are a combination of the best technology and the best comfort, and the only differences are the additional customization options, which all experienced gamers will appreciate.

So if you are looking for top quality console gaming hardware and dream of an Xbox, PS5 or PS4 controller with FC-Porto-Logo, be sure to visit the AimControllers and choose between the Dragons and Nacao Porto series.

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