Game Day: Pop Quiz with Texas A&M Security Leon O’Neal Jr. | Soccer


In the latest My Aggie Nation podcast, the team discuss Jimbo Fisher’s new contract and Texas A&M’s season opener against Kent State.

Q: Can you do his dance steps?

A: I wrote down some of the dances, but I’m going to have to save them for later, because I have to match the mood. I want to stay authentic. I want to match the movements.

Q: What’s the coolest interaction you’ve had on social media?

A: I remember when I first started doing all things social media and started blowing up on social media, one of my favorite players, Kam Chancellor, contacted me and m ‘just said keep doing what I’m doing and then Tyrann Mathieu gave me a follow-up and stuff like that. So, I mean, that was pretty cool. These are the guys who, you know, as a young kid, [you kind of] … want to be like in the sense of being a security, so they hit me, and I was like all ears.

Q: Some say there are a lot of downsides to athletes on social media, but what are the benefits to you?

A: Just to spread the positivity. I think that was the best part, being a voice for people and a lot of people. A lot of people want to interact with players and stuff like that, and I think I’m giving this avenue a big chance with my social media. I think this is the best part.

Q: Defensive end DeMarvin Leal said you always make people laugh. Do you think you are the funniest guy on the team?

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