Game show once again removed from television

After a scheduled hiatus two weeks ago, the game show give me your price was scheduled to air its Season 1 finale on Thursday. However, this did not happen. On Monday, G4 TV, the channel that broadcasts the show, dropped its program for the week, and give me your price was not found. While the network staples xplay, Attack of the show! and Show Attack: Vibe Check were still airing, the schedule alert revealed “the give me your price The Season 1 finale will air next Thursday, May 26, instead.”

While this is disappointing news for fans of the goofy and chaotic game show, which features prominent Twitch streamers guessing the prices of nonsensical items, there was a reasonable explanation for it. The program is usually fronted by AustinShow, Will Neff and JustaMinx, but this latest member of that trio was unavailable to film this week. On May 14, JustaMinx competed in Creator Clash, a celebrity boxing tournament in Tampa, Florida. She ended up being victorious in her match against Yodeling Hayley, but participating in this event means she missed out on last week’s edition of give me your price, with Gina Darling as the episode’s object model. The Irish social media personality was also reportedly unavailable for this week’s episode.

As confirmed by a G4 staff member in the network’s Discord community, the give me your price The team just didn’t want to have such a special episode without JustaMinx. The message read: “Hey team, as you have seen there is no show this week as Minx is still out of town, we are pushing our season finale to next Thursday May 26th for us making sure the whole team is there to really rock it. big time!”

Although G4’s Twitch schedule is subject to change, give me your price is slated to air next Thursday at 5 p.m. ET. No guests have been revealed at this time. The episode will be streamed live on Twitch and YouTube via the G4 and AustinShow channels. The edited versions will then air on G4’s linear cable channel, as well as its Pluto TV channel, G4 Select. Archives of past episodes and highlight compilations are currently viewable on YouTube.

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