German teachers and students: take the challenge of the German quiz


Calling all German teachers! Are you interested in tools that can make your classroom more fun and engaging? Look no further, meet the The German Challenge quize (GQC). Bring the thrill of an innovative quiz game, the desire to learn and increase the quality of your German lessons, all in a new interactive game app, right into your lessons.

GQC is a new free learning tool from the Goethe-Institut London designed for German teachers and secondary school students aged 13-16 to learn German in a fun and interactive way at school or in private – using computers, smartphones and tablets.

Each student arrives at read, write, Listen and to hire with the story of five young skateboarders in Munich, touching subjects that concern them, including music, culture, the environment and activities of daily living.


Access the game through any computer browser or download the app for mobile devices. The game can be played in person and also remotely.

Getting started is simple, follow these 4 steps:

1) Register your teacher account via the browser:

2) Set up a New Game session choose a plan for the game and get an activation code.

3) Invite your students to To download the app on their devices, take them to Register now, create their

profiles and choose their team.

4) Share it Activation code to start the game.

Now you and your class are ready to play! Register your free account today at:

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