Hit Game Show Not Airing This Week

A popular game show is out of service, at least this week. Fans noticed that give me your price does not air the first week of May. According to insiders, the show usually takes a break every few weeks, so it’s not unprecedented that the show won’t air future episodes. A post on Twitter confirmed that the show would not be on the schedule. New episodes usually stream live on Twitch and YouTube every Thursday at 5 p.m. ET. The edited versions air later today on G4TV’s linear cable channel and on G4 Select, the network’s Pluto television channel.

give me your price was previously in the headlines for one of his co-hosts suffering from a live wardrobe malfunction. Will Neff and AustinShow wore a retro outfit on a show. The dress pants that go with Neff’s leisure suit-inspired look weren’t designed for mobility and looked ripped while recording.

The show began airing this year. It follows AustinShow as he invites his friends to participate in a game show featuring the weirdest items for sale on the internet and their absurd prices for the items. Announcements for the show were made in February 2022. AustinShow was thrilled to join the G4 family the moment their new show was announced.

“G4 has done a fantastic job of positioning itself as a breakout name in the crossroads of space and digital community with its fresh approach to content and large-scale distribution model,” AustinShow said in a statement. , as reported by Uproxx. “I’m excited to partner with G4 to not only utilize my hosting skills on their platforms, but also to join as a creative executive with the goal of growing and growing G4’s presence on Twitch.”

AustinShow has become popular for its streaming content. Much of its content is lifestyle and gaming based. He is known for hosting talk shows and dating shows, including Love or host. It hosts give me your price alongside Will Neff and JustaMinx.

Apart from its content, it has been open about his personal life. In a post on Twitter, he came out to the LGBTQ+ community in 2020. “My sexuality is not a meme. I identify as what I would say ‘mostly’ gay but maybe bisexual because sometimes I find certain women attractive,” he said. written at the time.

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