Howie Mandel has ‘absolutely no memory’ of Meghan Markle on a game show

Comedian and game show host Howie Mandel has said he has ‘absolutely no recollection’ of meeting Meghan Markle when she appeared as a ‘briefcase model’ on Agree or disagree before meeting Prince Harry.

Mandel was asked about her memory of the royal back when she was an aspiring Hollywood actress by Piers Morgan, an outspoken critic of Meghan and Harry, on his TalkTV show. Piers Morgan: Uncensored Last week.

Mandel Hosted Agree or disagree from 2005 to 2019 with Meghan appearing in episodes from 2006 to 2007, after which she left to take on more acting roles.

Meghan landed a role on the hit TV show Suit in 2011, with lawyer Rachel Zane and continued for seven seasons, leaving when she began a serious relationship with Harry.

Morgan, who quit her job with the UK morning show Hello Brittany following his candid remarks about Meghan following her landmark interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021, Mandell was asked what he thought of his former co-star.

“I’m going to be totally honest with you,” he replied to Morgan.

“I have absolutely no memory of her. I didn’t remember until she was dating Harry and people started saying ‘what can you tell us about Meghan?’ and I would say ‘who is Meghan?'”

“I didn’t know, I didn’t remember,” concluded the comedian. “I didn’t know her and I don’t remember her to this day. But maybe that’s the beauty.”

Howie Mandel has said he has no memories of Meghan Markle during her time as the “briefcase girl” on the game show “Deal or No Deal”. Mandel (L) pictured August 21, 2018. And Meghan (R) pictured January 24, 2013.
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images/Michael Kovac/Getty Images for HER

Mandel, also a judge on America’s Got Talentperformed for audiences for many decades, and Morgan continued to ask him about his views on comedy in an era of cancel culture and physical assaults on comedians.

“It feels like comedy is under attack,” Morgan said. “Both from cancel culture where you can’t tell jokes like you used to. But also physical attack. We saw what happened at the Oscars with Will Smith and Chris Rock and then Dave Chappelle weeks later late, literally attacked by someone in the audience. . What do you do with it?”

Mandel’s response was considered. “I’d love to be funny and witty about it,” he said, “but I have to tell you, I feel it in my gut – you know, for me, stand-up was my respite at the end of the day…it’s an art form that I’ve lost the fervor for personally because I’m scared.”

Meghan and Harry celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary last week with the couple set to make their first public return to Britain since moving to America with their young family in 2020 during Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee in June .

The pair have not been seen publicly in the UK since Winfrey’s interview aired which saw their popularity decline in the country as a result.

A central weekend of Queen’s Jubilee celebrations will run from June 2-5 and will include a pop concert outside Buckingham Palace as well as a service of thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral and a performance along from the shopping center.

A special Trooping of the Color ceremony will take place on June 2 and the traditional appearance from the Royal Balcony in front of Buckingham Palace is expected to take place immediately afterwards.

Reports had started circulating earlier this year whether Harry and Meghan would appear with the Royal Family on the balcony alongside the monarch’s disgraced son Prince Andrew, who settled a sexual assault lawsuit earlier this year. contesting the allegations made against him.

Buckingham Palace quashed that speculation by announcing that only working royals would be invited to the balcony.

Despite this, a spokesperson for Harry and Meghan confirmed Newsweek earlier this month, Harry and Meghan looked forward to the celebration.

“Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are delighted and honored to attend the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June with their children,” the spokesperson said.

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