ITV unveils new reality TV show set in Greece

ITV has announced a new reality show called Loaded In Paradise.

The broadcaster said the action-packed series will see party-loving couples cross the Aegean islands of Greece in a race to take control and spend 50,000 euros.

The reality series will start with five pairs and a gold card topped with cash, but only one pair can be in control at any time, ITV said.

Loaded In Paradise’s heady mix of hunting, money and fun will create an exhilarating new reality formatSatmohan Panesar, ITV Editor

The goal of this adrenaline-filled game is for pairs to track down the card, which is injected with money daily, and spend it on a wild trip.

Every 48 hours, a luxury hideaway scattered across the Aegean islands will open, where the pairs are to reunite and viewers will watch the drama unfold.

In the final stage of the chase, there will be a “big twist” as everyone chases the gold card one last time, ITV reported.

The 60-minute episodes will air on ITVX with plans for it to land on ITV2 later.

Paul Mortimer, Director of Reality and Acquisitions and Controller of ITV, said: “Loaded In Paradise offers our viewers a fun, fast-paced new format that fits with our ongoing strategy of attracting new young audiences to streaming.”

Additionally, the broadcaster revealed that ITV2’s Weekender franchise has been renewed for a 10-part series in Kavos, Greece.

Each episode follows two groups of young people enjoying a long weekend of partying alongside vacation reps who lead the trip.

ITV editor Satmohan Panesar, who commissioned both series, said: “Loaded In Paradise’s heady mix of hunting, money and fun will create an exhilarating new format of reality.

“When it comes to Weekender… we missed the highs and lows of our reps and holidaymakers – Kavos is the perfect destination to return to the party.”

Dan Adamson, Managing Director of Twofour, added, “We are incredibly proud of the long-running Weekender series and thrilled to be able to celebrate in a new location as we drive the brand forward.”

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