Jay Leno revives the game show “You Bet Your Life”. Will it work? |


The show’s return comes amid a major revival of game shows in recent years. Broadcasting has turned to the genre more frequently as a cost-effective, low-risk alternative to expensive scripted programs that viewers are now more likely to seek out on streaming services.

Since 2016, ABC alone has brought back “Press Your Luck,” “$ 100,000 Pyramid,” “Match Game,” “To Tell The Truth,” and a celebrity edition of “The Dating Game”. The network will soon be adding special editions of “Jeopardy!” to its prime-time programming.

Stephen Brown, executive vice president of programming and development at Fox Television Stations, said the airy entertainment offered by game shows makes it an escape sanctuary in today’s television landscape.

“Streaming programs tend to be a bit darker and more edgy,” Brown said. “Game shows are people making money. They’re generally brighter and lighter. They’re feel-good experiences. I think America is particularly keen on them right now.”

In the years since Leno left his late-night roost, many seasoned comedians say their business has become more difficult, with fear of “canceling the culture” restricting their creative freedom.

But Leno is not among the complainants, having always taken a service-oriented approach to his work.

‘When I do a gig in Utah and they go’ Look, we don’t want drug jokes, we don’t want sex jokes, ‘”Leno said on a recent Zoom call from her home in Los Angeles, “I say ‘OK, I’m going to take them off’ and I do something else. With the #MeToo movement, all of a sudden the sexist jokes that everyone was making, you just can’t do them anymore. So either you change over time or you die. You adapt to the circumstances. “

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