Jerami Grant of the Pistons takes a pop quiz about his career; talks about the 76ers, Kevin Durant and more – The Athletic

Pistons forward Jerami Grant is quietly approaching a decade of NBA longevity.

The 27-year-old has a unique career, which first dropped him in the midst of one of the most controversial team-building drills in modern NBA history. In eight seasons, Grant played for the 76ers, Thunder, Nuggets and Pistons. It doesn’t feel like Grant is approaching 10 years in the NBA, as it wasn’t until he arrived in Denver that he became known to more than basketball junkies. Now Grant is in his second season in Detroit as he looks to build up his profile and help pull a franchise out of the bottomless pit and put it back in the limelight.

Over the weekend, Grant met The Athletic and was the last participant to take a pop quiz about his career. He answered questions about his very first moments on NBA soil with the 76ers “The Process”, his career milestones and more.

(Editor’s Notes: Some dialogs have been edited for clarity and length.)

Your first NBA points came against Spurs. Do you remember who helped you with that first basket?

Uh … I don’t know, but it’s probably Michael Carter-Williams.

It was not. Do you need a clue?


He’s European, I think (he’s actually Asian).

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