LeVar Burton to host Trivial Pursuit Game Show

LeVar Burton will host and produce a new game show based on Trivial Pursuit following his candidacy to host Jeopardy! did not work.


After accommodation Danger! didn’t quite work out, LeVar Burton lined up a job hosting another game show. The Rainbow reading host and Star Trek: The Next Generation star has just signed on to host a new game show based on the popular game Trivial Pursuit}, produced by game maker Hasbro and Entertainment One. The show does not yet have a secure network or streaming service for calling home, but it is expected to sell out quickly with Burton attached.

In a statement, eOne President of Global Unscripted Television Tara Long said, “LeVar Burton has been an iconic member of American pop culture for decades. Roots To Rainbow reading To Star Trek and beyond. His love for intellectual curiosity coupled with his ability to connect with audiences around the world make him the perfect partner in bringing Hasbro’s beloved trivia game to households in new and exciting ways.


Trivial Pursuit is one of the best-known brands in the gaming world. I am delighted to have partnered with Hasbro and eOne to bring this beloved game to market as a premium television show, ”added Burton. The actor is also on board to produce the film Trivial Pursuit under its LeVar Burton Entertainment banner. EOne’s Tara Long and Geno McDermott are also executive producers with LeVar Burton Entertainment’s Sangita Patel as well as Hasbro.

This news follows what can ultimately be considered a failed experience hosting Danger! earlier this year. After much demand from fans for Burton to have a test guest to host the show, he was given a limited batch of episodes, but ultimately did not get the job. This situation in itself turned out to be a fiasco, the executive producer Mike Richards names himself the new host only to be shown the door soon after, when his past came to light.

Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings have since boarded to serve as guest hosts of Danger! until a permanent replacement for Richards can be appointed. Bialik made it clear she hopes to host the show full time, and while there are many fans who love him there, no decision has been made on a new permanent host. Some Burton fans were hoping he would have another place to host guests, as he had previously described the job as an opportunity he had waited for all his life.

After all this, LeVar Burton said he realized that the hosting Danger! was not the dream job he thought it would be. He even teased that he was looking for another possible game show to host, which we now know turned out to be Trivial Pursuit. As Burton explained on The daily show:

“The point is, I never thought of hosting another game show outside of Danger!. But now they’ve gone in a different direction with their show which is their right, and now I think, well, that makes sense [to host another game show]. So let’s see what I can do. We’re trying to figure out what the right game show would be for LeVar Burton. ”

We expect an update on this project in the near future as it secures a house. This news comes to us from Hollywood journalist.


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