Mindy Kaling plays pop quiz with Marie Claire

Mindy Kaling is instantly recognizable from her on-screen performances in The Mindy Project, late at night, and Office, but some of her most revealing work actually comes from the projects where she positions herself behind the camera. In at Marie Claire August cover story, Kaling explains why exploring wellness themes like mental health was so important to her on her latest series, HBO’s The sex life of college girls and the success of Netflix I have never.

“When I write about Indian women and what interests them, I want to do something original, but I also don’t want to stray from things I’ve seen before: the obsession with success; elitism about schools,” she says Marie Claire. “These are things that were real in my family, and I had to deal with that. But what’s also really important is destigmatizing mental health.

Another topic Kaling wants more women to feel comfortable talking about? Silver. In the latest episode of at Marie Claire Pop Quiz, our cover star sat down to answer a few more questions about herself and shared what makes her feel most powerful. “It’s a simple answer, but I think it’s something women are embarrassed to talk about: being rich. My power comes from having enough money to be independent and that’s which gives me confidence in myself.”

The new Propel Ambassador also shares the small and simple ways she practices wellness on a daily basis: drinking tons of water, going for a run, calling her dad and chatting with her daughter.

Watch Kaling in Pop Quiz, then check out our August cover story and full Digital Wellbeing issue.

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