Music Stans Compete to Meet Their Idol on CBS Game Show ‘Superfan’

Think you’re the biggest Katy Perry fan in the world? A new reality show just might give you the chance to prove it to the world.

CBS announced this week that it has ordered a new unscripted series titled super fancentered around contestants competing to find out who is the biggest fan of a particular musical artist.

No real details are yet known about the show, but Deadline calls it “a musical spectacle disguised as a game show that will feature multiple rounds of gameplay where fans will have the opportunity to advance to a final round for the chance to prove they are the ultimate fan.”

And it seems the goal is to have these crowned superfans engage in some sort of “ultimate experience” with the stardom they competed for.

Fandoms can be weirdly competitive as it is, and people are already planning their strategies to claim the title and be named their favorite’s biggest fan forever.

However, some have questioned how plausible it would be to expect some of the biggest names in music to agree to take part in an “ultimate experience” for superfans, potentially leaving the artists people are competing on no longer. not be exactly A-listers, or leaving the price disappointing.

Still, it could be a fun experience to participate in and watch those who are keen to find a new use for their in-depth knowledge of certain artists – but we better get some really deep cuts from this show if it’s going to top true champions. Let’s go!

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