“Who’s the worst Republican of them all? YOU DECIDE!” Pool/Getty Images

WHAT’S NEW, SMARTY PANTS? It’s time once again to put that brain to the test with this week’s edition of POP QUIZ PDX—our weekly, local, sassy trivia game. And this week, we’re going to solve the following mysteries: WHAT’S IN THIS STOLEN U-HAUL? WHY is Dame absent for the rest of the season? And WHO is the worst stupid Republican of all?

But first… HOW DID YOU DO IN THE PREVIOUS QUIZ? Great brain work, my friends! And while I may not have picked YOUR neighborhood as the place with the WORST drivers in town, I’m now corrected that the Pearl District has even worse drivers than Sellwood (which I didn’t think possible)!


OKAY, IT’S TIME FOR A NEW QUIZ! Take this week’s quiz below, grab our previous pop quizzes here, and come back next week for a brand new quiz! (Having trouble taking this quiz? It’s probably because you’re not getting Mercury newsletters! INDEX! TIP!) Now augment the cerebellum, because it’s time to get BRAINY!