Pistons’ Cory Joseph takes pop quiz about his career, tells stories about Tim Duncan, Serge Ibaka – The Athletic


MEMPHIS – Pistons coach Dwane Casey calls Cory Joseph the “Pied Piper.”

“He’s one of those guys that everyone loves,” said Casey, who also coached the 30-year-old playmaker in Toronto from 2015 to 2016.

Joseph is a joker. He is also a talker. Joseph could do a five minute standing routine with minimal practice. He could throw a party if you need to. There is an endearing humility in him. If the Pistons were a school, Joseph would be the guy who would have a friend in every clique, then bring them all together to have a good time on a Saturday night.

“I tell this story all the time: I used to go into the locker room in Toronto and he had all these tickets laid out on the floor because he’s from the area, from Pickering, Ont, and everything. everyone wanted to come see Cory play, ”Casey said. “It’s his personality. It’s the same winner, loser or draw. He has the same personality. He is a positive young man and a leader. Those are great attributes for a playmaker. He had that in San Antonio and was from Toronto, and he’s maintained it over the years.

Joseph behaves like someone who is just happy to be living his dream again. Few of those selected at the end of the first round of the NBA Draft carve out 11-year careers. Few people are as good as they’ve ever been after a decade in the league. Joseph has played 663 career games. He recorded over 14,000 minutes. The Canadian has played for five NBA teams and has been traded several times. Joseph has seen and experienced it all, the ups and downs, in his NBA career.

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