Pop Quiz: Are you ready to travel alone?


Antibacterial wipes are the most important thing to have in your car on a long road trip.


  1. Made. You can remove your mask to sip a drink, but otherwise it must stay on.
  2. Fiction. Trip starts at $ 314 per person for the seven-day trip, excluding taxes and fees.
  3. Fiction. Cunard has canceled its Alaska cruise season.
  4. Made. After an uproar, Frontier said he would leave the middle seats empty for free.
  5. Made. Despite the fact that Allegiant is a low cost carrier.
  6. Made. TP thefts have been reported in Nebraska in the absence of attendants.
  7. Made. The National Passenger Railway scatters passengers and requires face covers.
  8. Fiction. Some parks are starting to open, but they are doing so with caution. Check out the National Parks website to see what’s open.
  9. Fiction. First, the coronavirus was declared a “known event” around January 14, so travel insurance purchased after that date means you won’t get your money back if you cancel just because you don’t want to go. Second, cancellation insurance for any reason, which would cover a coronavirus cancellation, earns 75% or less of your travel investment.
  10. Fiction. Wipes are important, but the most important thing to have in your car is gasoline.


9-10: You are clever. No one will want to play poker with you.

7-8: Your laser beam attention means that if they cheat on you once, they cheat on you once.

5-6: You might want to know more, including all kinds of fine print.

3-4: Don’t shop alone.

0-2: Offer up for adoption.

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