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Adam Nedeff on the set of “Hip Hop Squares”, a VH1 game show. The Vienna native has worked on the show and others and is involved in the industry in California. (Photo provided)

PARKERSBURG – A native of Vienna has made a name for himself in the game show world.

Marshall University graduate Adam Nedeff left with two college friends for Los Angeles in 2007.

“I just came out cold” said Nedeff, a graduate of Parkersburg Catholic High School.

Nedeff said he was lucky because he knew Fred Wostbrock, the co-author of “The Encyclopedia of Game Shows” which had a collection of about 25,000 photos of game shows and animators.

He received a message from Westbrock that he had about a dozen photos of Art Fleming, the first guest of “Peril,” when he made an appearance at Marshall. Westbrock was interested.

Adam Nedeff, who works on game shows and writes on books about shows, poses in front of the “Double Dare” studio. (Photo provided)

“I told him ‘you don’t have this'” said Nedeff.

This connection got a season of work on “Wheel of Fortune,” said Nedeff.

But when the work ended at “Wheel of Fortune,” there was a drought for several years, Nedeff said.

So he decided to write books about game shows, focusing on stories and stories about the shows and the biographies of the hosts.

These areas weren’t covered in other books, Nedeff said.

Adam Nedeff worked on the game show “Master Minds”. A game show book writer, he works primarily as a researcher for shows to ensure the questions are correct. (Photo provided)

“There was a void that was not filled” he said.

His books got him noticed in the industry.

“I have my name over there” said Nedeff.

Then one day, a producer cold calls him and asks him if he wants a job on “Idiot”, a show on the Game Show Network.

“I’ve been working on game shows ever since. “ he said.

Adam Nedeff on the set of “Double Dare”. (Photo provider)

His career began in graphic design and art, as a question writer, puzzle writer and then researcher.

Nedeff works primarily as a researcher for questions and answers used in game shows. The researcher’s goal is to make sure the question is accurate, cannot be interpreted differently, and has only one correct answer, he said.

Some of the shows he has worked on include “Double dare” on Nickelodeon, the “College Bowl” on NBC, “Masters of mind” on the Game Show Network, “Mental samurai” on the Fox network, “Not” on ABC and “Hip Hop Places” on VH1.

The duration of each job varies, he said. Typically, the job is good for recording a season, around eight to nine weeks, Nedeff said.

Then he looks for another job, he said.

Adam Nedeff left for Los Angeles in 2007 without a job, but landed a job on “Wheel of Fortune”. (Photo provider)

“It’s custom work” said Nedeff.

Nedeff is currently working on several book projects about the game show host Monty Hall, the host of “Let’s make a deal,” and a behind-the-scenes look “The gong show”.

Rumors about Chuck Barris, the creator and host of “The gong show”, working for the CIA are wrong, said Nedeff.

“It’s not true,” he said.

Nedeff is also working with the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, NY, where a wing is being developed on the game shows which will be called the National Archives of Game Show History.

The research wing will include thousands of photos, documents, artifacts and props once used in game shows, Nedeff said.

Nedeff is the son of Roger and Linda Nedeff from Vienna. Her brother, Aaron, is the police chief in Marietta. Sister Sue Ellen Dooley lives in Virginia.

He graduated in 2001 from Parkersburg Catholic and in 2005 from Marshall.

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