Sure you are smart … but are you PORTLAND SMART? Find out by taking the weekly POP QUIZ PDX, posted every Friday with tons of fun and sassy questions about what happened in the city over the past week.

But first: let’s see how you did in last week’s quiz! More people than ever have scored in the 80 point range, and as usual our weekly “subjective” question was a real headache … but for the first time ever, a majority of people are right! BROWN 5 SUCKS VERY DIFFICULT!


Want to take our previous quizzes? You can do it JUST HERE! And, so you can brag to your friends, here’s how the test is scored:

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100 points = “I am a fucking genius!”
90 = “I’m almost a fucking genius.”
80 = “I am painfully close to genius.”
70 = “I might not be a genius, but I’m pretty smart.”
60 = “I’m smart enough.”
50 or less = “What am I smart? “

Whoops ! Take this week’s POP QUIZ PDX below and come back next Friday for a new quiz!