GOOD DAY, KNOWLEDGE! It’s time once again to put your exceptionally intelligent brain to the test with the latest POP QUIZ PDX-our weekly quiz is full of sassy, ​​fun, multiple-choice questions about what happened in Portland over the past week, plus a few random questions just for a laugh.

But first … HOW DID YOU DO LAST WEEK’S QUIZ? Ehhhhhh … not great, because the majority of you have landed in the correct 50 percent range. CORN! Granted, one was tough, and this week’s will be a lot easier (mainly because I’m pissed off about a lot of things, and when I’m pissed off the questions are easier. Lucky for you! ) agree on why Clackamas County President Tootie Smith is the worst.


OK, LET’S SEE HOW YOU DO IT THIS TIME! Take this week’s quiz, be sure to scroll down to submit your answers, and you’ll instantly get your score that will tell you in plain language HOW SMART YOU ARE. Here is the scoring key (out of 100 possible points).

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100 points = “I am a fucking genius!”
90 = “I’m almost a fucking genius.”
80 = “I am painfully close to genius.”
70 = “I might not be a genius, but I’m pretty smart.”
60 = “I’m a little smart.”
50 or less = “What am I smart about?”

Take this week’s POP QUIZ PDX below, take our previous pop quizzes here, and come back next Friday for a brand new quiz! (Having trouble taking this quiz? It’s probably because you didn’t get Mercury newsletters! INDEX! TIP!) Now take that cerebellum up to 11 and LET’S DO THIS QUIZ!