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In his fourth season with the Texas A&M football team, wide receiver Jalen Preston now has the chance to start. He says he got closer to his teammates by playing video games and picking up basketball games at the park:

Q: How has it been this season of seeing your playing time increase?

Preston: It went pretty well. Playing with Zach [Calzada], it’s good because I’ve worked with him a lot off the pitch over the years since we’ve been here. He has a very talented arm. It’s great to play with him and my friends who have been here before, like before we were with Aggie football, like Demond [Demas] and Aïnias [Smith]. Being on the pitch with all the receivers we have a close bond, and when you see your brother making a touchdown you are so happy for them.

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Q: What are some of your hobbies or interests outside of football?

Preston: All my teammates we love to play [NBA] 2K. We love to go to the park. We love video games. We go to the park, we play 2K or Call of Duty. This is what we do in our free time. All receivers do. It is our little moment of complicity.

Q: Who is the best basketball player on the team?

Preston: “At the park, I would probably say it’s me, Yulkeith [Brown], Kenya [Jackson], [Caleb Chapman] and Aïnias. When we have our five together, we never lose.


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