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Texas A&M senior safety Demani Richardson returned for his fourth season at Aggieland after starting all 12 games last season and finishing third on the team in tackles with 65. He is one of the team’s leaders on the pitch, but away from the pitch, Richardson says he’s serious about games and fashion. He sat down with Eagle Sportswriter Travis L. Brown will take Game Day’s pop quiz this week ahead of the Aggies’ Week 2 game with Appalachia State:

Q: What have you thought of this squad so far and how are you progressing in Week 2?

A: We did a good job. I feel like fall camp went really well. I feel like we have found our leaders. I feel like we’ve done a good job trying to hold the guys accountable, making sure everyone keeps doing things on and off the pitch.

Q: What made you come back for your senior year? A: Part of the reason was that I wanted to prove what I had to do. I had more games to play, and part of the reason is that I want to win. I know I have the coaches. I have the players. I have the [things] just here to win. I just wanted to prove that I could win and prove that I could do more and be a better player.

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Q: What are some of your hobbies outside of football?

A: My main concern is playing video games. Sometimes I shop online. Those are my two main things. mad [and] I’m playing Call of Duty: Warzone. I can beat anyone in mad around. Feels like the best in College Station for sure.

Q: What is your best competition in the team?

A: Brian Williams. He doesn’t play anymore, but he’s a very smart guy. Brian George, he’s pretty good.

Q: Does it help to have real football knowledge to bring to the video game?

A: Absolutely. I feel like I have an extra advantage over people who don’t play football, and I always use that and know what the weaknesses in the defense are. I feel like I can throw sewing balls in Cover 3, because I know what a lot of people don’t.

Q: What type of defenses do you like to execute?

A: I mainly direct the man. I don’t like open areas very much, because people tend to find mad drummers – they watch on YouTube. I just play man and am a user in apartments.

Q: What about the attack?

A: Normally I flip a coin, and if you can’t stop it, I keep playing it. If you stop it, I find a different piece and spin it until you stop it.

Q: What are the top three things on your wish list when shopping online?

A: Definitely always shoes. Different types of shoes. I feel like I need a watch or something. And then shirts and pants. Just a few outfits.

A: Sometimes I can wear a big shirt, tight jeans – but not too tight – and designer shoes. It’s my favourite.

Q: What is the most expensive pair of shoes you own?

A: I have a pair of Dior.

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