Ranking HPC Pop Quiz Roils Cluster Comp

The results of the HPC Pop Quiz module of the Winter Classic 2022 cluster competition had a drastic impact on the rankings. The quiz scores propelled a few teams onto the big board while others went in the opposite direction.

The 20-question exam featured multiple-choice questions covering HPC history, technology, and current affairs. Students were given a set of reference materials to read before taking the online test. In a diabolical twist, the test was timed and score penalties were assessed based on how long it took the student to complete the exam. This served to encourage students to read and absorb the reference material before tackling the test.

The review covered a lot of ground, ranging from early supercomputers to the latest news on exascale systems. In the meantime, we asked them about specific HPC technologies such as interconnects and accelerators. There were a total of 70 correct answers contained in the 20 questions and the test will count as one-sixth of their final score.

So what did the quiz results do to the leaderboard? A little, as it turns out.

Tennessee State University held on to its lead by scoring third in the quiz and adding 96.34 points to give it a total of 294.84 points to date. It must make them happy, but there are still 400 points to win in the competition.

The big upsets happened in second, third and fourth place. Their second-place finish in the quiz allowed the Texas Tech Red Raider team to overtake FAMU to grab second place. FAMU slips slightly to third place, just seven points behind the Red Raiders. UTEP Itzamna used their first place finish in the 100 point quiz to jump from sixth place overall to fourth – the biggest move on the charts so far.

Prairie View holds onto fifth place while a lackluster quiz performance pushed fellow Texas Tech team, the Matadors, into sixth place. The Battle of the Channel Islands, between the Channel Islands Don’t Panic and Ekhos Engineer teams, is still at an impasse, with the Ekhos team only seven points ahead of their rivals, barely retaining seventh place. square. The teams returned identical quiz results, so we’ll have to wait for NASA’s next Nas Parallel benchmark tests (due next week) to see if anyone can move on.

Rounding out the current rankings, we see Cal State Fullerton climb to fourth place in the review in the nine slot, while Fayetteville State languishes at number ten. Spelman-Morehouse posted a fifth-best quiz score, giving them a much-needed morale boost after disappointing rounds from Linpack and HPCG. Morehouse is still throwing and came up on the board with an 81.71 on the exam.

For more details and sample quiz questions, click your picker on the video below to watch the new episode of the Winter Classic Student Cluster 2022 competition studio update show. In the video , we go over the quiz details (including some of the questions), all the stats, give you a glimpse of the big picture, and talk about what’s to come for our tough student competitors. Plus, we wear matching blazers, which is well worth the price of admission.

Then we’ll meet the teams and have expert guests from some of our sponsors on the show to offer their comments. Stay tuned….

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