Russell Dickerson Takes The Country Now Pop Quiz


Russell Dickerson’s latest single, “Love You Like I Used To,” continues to make an impact on radio. Co-written by Dickerson alongside Parker Welling and Casey Brown, the rising ballad is initially intended as a breakup song, but he then reveals that he doesn’t love his partner the way he used to because he loves her. more than ever. before.

“But I don’t love you like I used to / It gets better every time you kiss me like that / It’s stronger the more I’m with you, yeah / More than every day before / I didn’t know that I could never I love you more than me / But baby, I love you, I don’t love you like I used to, ”Dickerson sings on the chorus.

The song is the first single from his highly anticipated second album and is very personal to the Tennessee native.

“The beginning of this song is intentionally different from me,” the father-to-be explained of the song. “Makes you think it’s a breakup song, but it’s really a track to how great loves evolve and improve over time. Like all of my songs, I’ve been through it. started dating my wife 10 years ago, and it’s true, i don’t like her like i used to, and i think a lot of people will be able to relate to this song. it’s a really special song of which I am madly proud!

The recently released clip brings the song to life and even features a twist in the script just like the song. Click below to watch.

The country hitmaker sat down to complete the Country Now Pop Quiz where he revealed fun facts about himself. Does he prefer the beach or the lake? What is his most precious possession? What is his favorite memory of his wife? Check out the Pop Quiz above for more on the “Love You Like I Used To” singer.

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