Do you prefer your brain wrinkled or smooth? ANTHONY KEO / BRAIN JOLLYGON / 4X6 / ISTOCK / GETTY IMAGES

Do you feel like you are “smart”? Do you think you are well aware of what is going on around Seattle? Well prove it to yourself and to the world by taking THE ONLY POP QUIZ IN SEATTLE– a new weekly quiz full of challenging, fun, multiple choice questions about stories that have cropped up in Seattle over the past week.

Take the quiz, submit your answers and you will instantly get your score which will tell you in plain language HOW SMART YOU ARE. Here is the scoring key (out of 10 possible points).

10 points = “My brain is more wrinkled than Albert Motherfuckin ‘Einstein’s.”
9 = “I’m almost a fucking genius with a fucking wrinkled brain.”
8 = “I am painfully close to genius. Wrinkles ? They are tight! “
7 = “I may not be a genius, but I am quite intelligent. My brain is moderately soft.”
6 = “I’m sort of smart but my brain is fluid.”
5 or less = “Smooooooooooth brain.”

Take the SEATTLE’S ONLY POP QUIZ below and come back next Friday for a new quiz!