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Inevitably, one word is used more often than any other word to describe Goran Dragic: shrewd.

This is helpful, because it conjures up a few different ideas, depending on what you think of Dragic. If you admire him, you appreciate how skillfully he uses screens to his advantage, how he can put defenders who pursue him to hell. If you don’t like his game, “clever” is an understatement for sneaky or dirty, as Dragic is known to take advantage of every physical element at his disposal, even though his 6-foot-3, 190-pound frame signifies his nature. . could backfire at any time. Catch an opposing coach in a moment of honesty, and he might be complaining about how Dragic is manipulating what’s going on on the pitch to his advantage.

Nick Nurse no longer trains against Dragic, however.

“He’s got a little bit of offense that he’s really honed,” Nurse said. “He runs it to the side and throws it forward and changes direction and pushes (his defender) and gets the ball back and he can do… like four actions in about two seconds. … It has a certain specificity to the next action basketball if you put it in its comfort zones.

“He’s an extremely physical guy. I remember always saying (as an opposing coach that when) he runs into you, you’re going to have to absorb his touch. You have to stand there and make contact with him as he will put his body, forearm and head (in defenders) whatever he can do to get you out of him and complete the layup.

Say whatever you want about Dragic, and say it the way you’d like to say it, but it worked for a long time. This will be Dragic’s 14th season in the NBA, making him one of the biggest achievements for a second-round pick in league history.

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