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So, do you want to start a tech company? Before you start doing all the computer stuff, algorithms, and coded stuff, you’ll need a name. A lot of people don’t know it, but Mark Zuckerberg coined the name Facebook out of a dream he had of stabbing a girl who didn’t want to date him. True story. So what’s the lesson here? To get revenge on your ex, you need to come up with a catchy name. Something friendly, cheerful and welcoming that doesn’t cry out for the invasion of privacy on a global scale. Nothing Russian sounding, that’s for sure.

So now that we’ve got you thinking about the first step on your personal journey to global domination, let’s take a look at some names of tech companies from here on the silicon slopes of Utah to give you some ideas. Take our quiz and use the real name of the company to guess what the company is actually doing (besides selling your identity to Russian hackers).


A) Something with Game Of Thrones but respectful of the environment.
B) Dedicated to the advancement of the letter “K”.
VS) Social media marketing or something like that.
D) Spelling and grammar checking platform.


A) The first rule of SirsiDynix is: do not talk about SirsiDynix.
B) Build the Dewey decimal system of the future!
VS) Marketing or something.
D) A Lannister always pays his debts.


A) Innovative domino technology for the 21st century.
B) Marketing or something.
VS) You are such a Gemini.
D) Geospatial intelligence. (As you know what it is.)


A) Muppet Dating Site.
B) Seriously, how long has it been since you last saved?
VS) Marketing or something.
D) Ultimate dating site for Frisbee players.

Big squid

A) Marketing or something.
B) A meeting site for cephalopods.
VS) Let go of the Kraken.
D) Artificial intelligence works to accelerate the arrival of the singularity. Hi Skynet everyone!


A) Voight-Kampff-type tests to detect androids posing as humans.
B) For real, it is very much like the Voight-Kampff test of Blade runner.
VS) K-Pop fan site.
D) Marketing or something.


A) Mouthwash but with Wi-Fi.
B) Marketing or something but with dentists.
VS) Water recovery projects.
D) Intervention of dental floss.


A) The ancient art of weaving but with WiFi.
B) The Complete Professional Toolkit ™
VS) Maintenance of ovens and looms.
D) Marketing or something.


A) Explosives for avalanche control.
B) Marketing or something.
VS) Trebuchets and catapults.
D) Rockets in the center of the Earth. Are we doing this well?

ANSWERS: GreenKrow (C); SirsiDynix (D); Geomni (D); MOSY (B); Large squid, (D); Voxpopme (B); Gargle (B); Weaving (B); Avalanche (B)

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