Sixers goalie Danny Green takes career quiz, talks Shaq hazing

Philadelphia 76ers guard Danny Green has had a very successful NBA career to date. A second-round pick in the 2009 NBA draft, Green has put together a very long and productive NBA career, now in his 13th season in North Carolina.

Green plays a very important role in Philadelphia as a veteran and a guy who can shoot the 3-pointer at a high clip to make sure Joel Embiid has the right spacing on the floor to dominate and do his thing in the position. . Even now coming off the bench, he still has a big role on the Sixers and ensuring their success.

Considering he has three championships on his resume and has accomplished so much in his career, Green sat down with Sixers Wire and was asked about those accomplishments. He recalled big events like his NBA debut, his first 3-pointer, his playoff success, and even a rookie hazing from Shaquille O’Neal while with the Cleveland Cavaliers. This will be a two-part interview as there will be more of this conversation with Green soon.

Andre Drummond did something similar with Sixers Wire and his pop quiz can be read here.

Editor’s note: This interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.

Q: You made your debut in November 2009. Do you remember which team you played against?

Danny: Was it Charlotte?

SW: No, but it was a team from the southeast

Oh, man. I have no idea, honestly.

Miami Heat

Was it in Miami or was it at home?

It was in Miami

Q: You made your first career 3-point shot in December of that year. Do you remember which team he was against and who passed the ball to you?

AP Photo/Mark Duncan

I remember it was at the end of the match. Not Jamario Moon. Which team was it against? I have no idea, bruh. Who was the team and who passed me the ball? Bobie Gibson? May be?

It was against the Milwaukee Bucks and Darnell Jackson passed you the ball

wow. OKAY. Block D. Interesting.

Q: Do you know your career high in points?

I think it’s 33.

It’s 33. Do you remember who you did it against?

Phoenix. When I was in San Antonio.

You are right. Do you remember how many 3s you did that night


Seven. You were close.

Q: Do you know your career best in 3s?

New. Right here.

Against who?


It was! Here. You got it.

Q: Do you know the peak of your playoff career?


Yeah. Against who?

Miami. I think it was against Miami.

Yeah. 2013 finals! Good call.

Q: I know it was a painful ending for you and the Spurs in the Finals, but you set an NBA Finals record at the time for 3 seconds back then. Do you remember how many you made?



27! 27. I know it was 25 to break it and I did two more after that so it was 27.

Q: You made your first career start in February 2012. Do you remember your stat line and team?

Howard Smith – USA TODAY Sports

0 for 8! Philly.

It was Philly, but you were 0 for 5 and 0 for 4 deep.


You grabbed three rebounds and had an assist and a steal.

0-for-5. It wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Q: When you and Kawhi Leonard were traded to the Raptors, do you remember what Toronto gave San Antonio to get you?

It was DeMar and Jakob, right?

Yes, but there was another complex little thing in there

Besides Poeltl and DeMar?

It was not like any other player.

A choice? So it was me and Kawhi for DeMar, Jakob, and was that a second-round pick?

He was a first-round pick and he turned into Keldon Johnson, actually.

wow. OKAY.

Q: You played with six guys who were selected first overall in their respective drafts. Can you name these six?

Bron, Shaq, Timmy, AD… Dwight… six guys who were #1?

He’s your teammate right now

Was Joel number 1?


Well? Oh yes. Makes sense.

Q: Are there any stories about these six players that you are willing to share?

Kyle Terada – USA TODAY Sports

Definitively. I have plenty of stories about each of them. Shaq, I came towards the end of his career. So Shaq and Bron at the same time. Bron was a kid, he’s still a kid, but he’s older now, but great fun to play. Shaq, I was a rookie. It was hard being Shaq’s recruit.

What did Shaq do to you as a rookie?

I practically had to commit. I don’t know if you know this, but he’s part of a fraternity. Part of the hazing I had to do was function as if we were in a fraternity. So I had to greet them in a certain way. So yes, it was interesting, yes, as a rookie, an experience.

There are more stories than Green has, but we’ll save them for Part 2.

Danny, I like you, man

Sure. Great questions, bruh.



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