Steph and Ayesha Curry get into the game show world

Every couple is different. But not every couple knows each other as well as Steph and Ayesha Curry do.

That’s one of the main things the duo learned about themselves as hosts of their new HBO Max game show, “About Last Night,” which debuts Thursday.

In each episode, the NBA star and his wife invite three celebrity couples to join them for an “exclusive date night” where they compete over trivia and relationship games. censored, competing to see who knows their partners best.

“I think we’ve learned how similar relationships are,” Ayesha Curry said in a recent interview. “It was nice to have those moments where you think you’re doing something wrong or, like, something weird about yourself and everyone is like, ‘No, we’re doing that too. It was also really cool to have the assurance that we know each other very well.

“It’s true,” added Steph Curry.

The two said they wanted to get into the game show world because they had always wanted to work on a project together and were inspired by the 70s game show “TattleTales,” in which celebrities and their spouses answered questions about each other and won. money for the studio audience.

“It was so light and fun and funny and felt like a great date night,” Ayesha Curry said.

They launched a reboot of the show with Fremantle, who created the original. HBO Max lit it up and a new take on the classic game show was born.

Couples compete for donations to charities of their choice. Although the Currys take on the hosting duties, there is also always a bonus round in which they compete with the couples for an additional donation to the winning couple’s chosen charity.

The questions are funny and awkward, by design. There is also plenty of alcohol available to help ease the nerves.

“If you had a warning tag attached to you, what would it probably say?” Ayesha Curry asks celebrity couples in one episode, a clip of which was teased in the show’s trailer.

“He still has an erection,” Ginnifer Goodwin says of her husband and fellow actor Josh Dallas.

Some of the many other celebrity couples on the show are: Niecy Nash and Jessica Betts, Tituss Burgess and Pablo Salinas, Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott, Terry Crews and Rebecca King-Crews, and Tig Notaro and Stephanie Allynne.

The Currys said it was fun stepping out of their usual comfort zones to tackle something new together. They also enjoyed inviting friends, as well as couples they don’t know as well, to participate.

“I learned what a great host she is,” Steph Curry said of Ayesha. “She was nervous and anxious about taking on this role, but she made everyone feel comfortable and at home. I had the easy task of bringing fun and comedy, obviously by pouring drinks.

Ayesha Curry also helped ensure the questions were “juicy and spicy enough but relevant and accessible for every couple,” Steph Curry added.

“I hope everyone likes it.”

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