Syndicated Pictionary Game Show erases 90% of the United States

popular game Pictionary heads for the television. Mattel’s charades-inspired game has been licensed in 90% of the country and is eyeing a nationwide launch in fall 2022. Deadline reports the game show, which is produced by both CBS Media Ventures and Fox First Run, has seen CBS Stations, Gray, Nexstar, Sinclair and Tegna sign on for television.

Pictionary will be hosted by Jerry O’Connell and was licensed by Fox television stations to all Fox-owned stations in major markets such as New York and Los Angeles. Jonathan Bingamanexecutive vice president of sales for CBS Media Ventures, said in a statement about the upcoming show:

Game shows have always been good for stations, so they really took the opportunity to add a well-known brand like Pictionary to their queues. We are excited to launch this franchise nationally this fall.

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The series will follow the same principle as the original game; two teams of three players each will have a famous captain. One of the players will draw pictures based on a word or phrase located on randomly chosen cards. Their team members must guess what was written on the card based on their teammate’s drawing. The grand prize winners will compete for a trip to an exotic destination. Stephen Brownexecutive vice president of programming and development, Fox Television Stations and Fox First Run, said of the company,

Pictionary is the cornerstone of a powerful block of game shows on our affiliate stations. It’s family-friendly, fun and hosted by the energetic and hysterical Jerry O’Connell. We think audiences will love the hours of play we have in store for them.

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