Tejon outlets will host a ‘game show’ experience, shoppers could win big

Have you ever been pressed for time while trying to accomplish an important task? The Outlets at Tejon takes that overwhelming anxiety and often negative experience and turns it into something fun with its new treasure hunt event. The only thing is that you will be competing with everyone to find a single hidden golden egg.

Tejon outlets will be hosting a Golden Egg Scavenger Hunt next month from April 12-16.

During the five-day event, shoppers will have the opportunity to search for a golden egg hidden in store windows. If they find the sticker, they can peel it off and bring it to guest services for a chance to participate in a “game show” experience at the mall.

If eligible, the shopper will receive an Outlets at Tejon tote bag with a time limit to fill the bag with as much merchandise as possible from select of its 40 stores. At the end of the period, all goods in the bag will be returned to the participant free of charge, courtesy of Tejon outlets. Some restrictions apply and it is unclear which stores will participate in the event. There will be one egg and one winner per day.

Becca Bland, Tejon’s Outlet Marketing Manager, said the event is a way to provide shoppers with a unique and exciting experience to make their stay at the outlets unforgettable. Even if they don’t win, she said it would be a fun and memorable time for everyone to see all the action unfold.

For more details and information on the Golden Egg Scavenger Hunt and other Outlets at Tejon promotions, visit their website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @OutletsAtTejon.

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