The game show has contestants lying to victory on Netflix

Starring host Howie Mandel, the game show will give contestants a chance to win $1 million even if they don’t actually know the correct answers.

Agree or disagree host Howie Mandel is back as host of new Netflix show, Bullshit: The Game Show. Described by Netflix as “the only trivia game where you could win $1 million…and never give a correct answer,” the game has contestants who provide correct answers or lie through false answers just as convincingly. as possible. Will the other parts call “bullsh*t” on these lies? Get an idea of ​​what the show looks like by watching the official trailer below.

The show is set to begin streaming on Netflix on April 27. You can read the official login line below.

Hosted by Howie Mandel, Bullsh*t: The Game Show will give participants a chance to win big bucks, even if they don’t know the correct answer. Throughout the game, players will rise through the ranks by answering questions correctly or giving incorrect answers confidently – and persuading their opponents that they are correct. To win big in this game, you don’t need to be the smartest person in the room to cash in, you just need to convince everyone that you are.

Teasing this new game show and other similar shows, Brandon Riegg, VP, Unscripted and Documentary Series, previously told Deadline, “You’ll see at least one great traditional-type game show, and then there’s some of those performance type shows and the other bigger area is competition type shows. We have some pretty clever and intriguing ones to come. If we can do as we hope with our production partners, that should unlock a whole other big enough audience for us.”


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Howie Mandel is a prolific host

Howie Mandel comes to this concert with a lot of experience. He had been a judge for eleven seasons of America’s Got Talent at NBC and followed that up with a more recent gig as a judge on the reboot of Canada has talent alongside Lilly Singh, Kardinal Offishall and Trish Stratus. Mandel is also known for hosting and executive producing Agree or disagree and co-host Nat Geo Wild’s Animals doing things with his son Alex. The actor and comedian is also the subject of the documentary Peacock Howie Mandel: But enough about me and made a podcast called Howie Mandel does stuff with his daughter Jackelyn Schultz.

Mandel’s new series for Netflix, Bullshit: The Game Show, not to be confused with another show with a similar title. From 2003 to 2010, Showtime aired the docuseries Penn & Teller: Bullshit!, but it was not a game show. The series featured the famous magicians discussing and debunking (calling “bs,” if you will) various ideas, beliefs, fads, and misconceptions. Nominated for 13 Emmy Awards, the series was hugely popular and acclaimed during its run. There is of course no association between this series and the new Netflix game show.

Bullshit: The Game Show will begin streaming on Netflix on April 27.

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