The game show returns to television after an unexpected hiatus

A hit game show has returned to television after an unexpected hiatus. give me your price, on G4, will air its season finale on Thursday, May 26 at 5 p.m. ET / 2:30 p.m. PT. Despite expected plans, it did not return for its finale on May 19 due to a cast availability issue. However, fans will finally be able to see the end of the season when it airs this week.

give me your price is a fun and outlandish game show led by Twitch streamers AustinShow, Will Neff, and JustaMinx. The trio presents bizarre objects and contestants must guess their values. With the give me your price season finale, G4 also revealed the weekly lineup for xplayAshow tack! and Show Attack: Vibe Check. Fans can see the full schedule below.

After launching the series in February, executive producer and host AustinShow released a statement on the big news. “G4 has done a fantastic job of positioning itself as a go-to name in the crossroads of the space and digital community with its fresh approach to content and large-scale distribution model,” the famed streamer said in a press release. of G4. “I’m excited to partner with G4 to not only utilize my hosting skills on their platforms, but also to join as a creative executive with the goal of growing and growing G4’s presence on Twitch.”

Brian Terwilliger, G4’s senior vice president of programming and creative strategy, also released a statement, sharing how excited the network is about integrating AustinShow. “AustinShow has quickly established itself as an icon in the streaming space with its gripping and hilarious content on Twitch,” said Terwilliger. “We look forward to taking a revolutionary approach to distribution and creative strategy by bringing traditional television together with one of Twitch’s biggest stars.”

Elaborating further, G4 said of the streamer, “AustinShow is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, with millions of subscribers and tens of thousands of concurrent viewers for its dating and talk show series. , particularly love or host and talent show. AustinShow started creating content in 2013 and quickly took the live streaming world by storm. As content creator for 100 Thieves and charismatic host of its programs, Austin brings together a cavalcade of characters, including top Twitch influencers, professional athletes and celebrities from all walks of entertainment.”

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