The last Jeopardy champion makes game show history with his latest victories (So watch out, James Holzhauer)

The last two weeks have been kind to the flow Peril! Champion Amy Schneider, as head of engineering, leads an 11-day winning streak, raising $ 421,200 during that time. But Schneider’s journey is more important than money, as her recent qualification for the iconic trivia show’s Tournament of Champions has made history, and she hasn’t even finished yet.

While Amy Schneider continues to win mostly at gallop – much like some of the recent Peril! greats like James Holzhauer and Matt Amodio – the Oakland, Calif. resident has her eye on more records she’d like to break. But first…

Amy Schneider is the first transgender candidate to qualify for the Tournament of Champions

November 30, 2021, episode of Peril!In her 38th season, Amy Schneider became the first transgender candidate to qualify for the Tournament of Champions. Her 10th consecutive qualifying win took her winnings to $ 380,200, and she continues to go there with her goal now set on other Peril! champions – including, but not limited to current host Ken Jennings – in hopes of securing the game show‘s story even more.

It certainly helps Schneider win her 11th game which puts her much higher in the overall standings. Peril! champions.

Amy Schneider wants to break James Holzhauer’s record

James Holzhauer took Peril! storming into 2019 with its fast paced playstyle and massive Daily Double bets. He has appeared in 33 straight games with earnings totaling over $ 2.4 million. And while his playstyle was unique, he remained on the radar of Peril! fans alike for his sarcastic social media comments on the series, the messy search to replace the late Alex Trebek in Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Perhaps it is this outspokenness that makes James Holzhauer such a fun target for Amy Schneider, who admitted in a interview with Jimmy McGuire from Clue Crew from the show that she has an eye on the professional sports player.

I mean, I would love to beat James Holzhauer, I think. He looks very confident, I guess I’ll say. It would be good, I think, in a way.

Shots fired, in a way! With 11 straight wins, Amy Schneider is already a third of the way to meeting James Holzhauer’s streak, but she still has a ways to go before she hits her overall wins.

Where does Amy Schneider fall among the dangers! Big?

She may not be a millionaire yet, but Amy Schneider has indeed fallen for of danger The 10 highest incomes to play in the regular season. Her $ 421,200 after 11 wins puts the head of engineering in sixth place, just below Julia Collins, who took home $ 428,100 out of 20 wins. Schneider is also tied for 10th place in consecutive wins.

Amy Schneider’s successful run on Peril! comes shortly after another landmark performance, as Matt Amodio took home $ 1,518,601 after appearing in 38 consecutive episodes. What was also remarkable about Amodio’s time on the show (not that anyone sneezing at $ 1.5 million) was that he saw six different hosts come and go: Robin Roberts, LeVar Burton , David Faber, Joe Buck, Mike Richards and Mayim Bialik. So far, Schneider has only been aware of Ken Jennings behind the lectern.

Check your local listings to see when Peril! is airing in your area to see how far Amy Schneider can ride the wave of wins, and if you’ve got a classic game show fan on your shopping list this holiday season, be sure to check out these unique Peril! gift ideas!

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