The pop quiz and the deep dive of the Jay Chou podcast


How did a shy and indescribable songwriter become one of Mandopop’s biggest stars? #PopVultures discuss Jay Chou’s career and legacy with help from superfan Vanessa Liu. #PopVultures Ep 48: The Pop Quiz & The Jay Chou Podcast’s Deep Dive 36:18 mins Synopsis: The Straits Times examines the ins and outs of pop culture in the Asian entertainment scene and Hollywood. In their long-awaited in-depth dive into Jay Chou, #PopVultures Jan Lee and Yeo Sam Jo invite Vanessa Liu to come and talk about the reigning Mandopop King. Besides being their friend and colleague, Vanessa is a huge fan of the Taiwanese star who once hosted a Jay Chou themed party with Love Confession balloons. Together, the trio live their Fantasy and explore their Simple Love for Jay Chou, his musical heritage and some of his best songs. They also trace Jay Chou’s colorful history – from his childhood to how he was discovered – and look back on his fulfilling creative partnerships with Taiwanese host Jacky Wu and lyricist Vincent Fang, as well as his romantic history with the pop princess Jolin Tsai and now wife. Hannah Quinlivan. Finally, Sam Jo pits Jan against Vanessa in a quiz about Jay Chou. Feel free to play the game if you’re a fan, and stay tuned until the end to find out who loses and has to take on the notoriously difficult rap of Jay’s song Nunchucks. Here’s a look at what they cover:

  1. How did Jay Chou become Jay Chou? (3:02)

  2. The Many Phases of Jay Chou’s Music Career (8:25)

  3. Our Favorite Jay Chou Songs (11:01)

  4. Jay Chou’s professional and personal relationships (15:38)

  5. Jay Chou’s Legacy (25:04)

  6. Game time ! (25:49)

Produced by: Jan Lee ([email protected]), Yeo Sam Jo ([email protected]) & Vanessa Liu ([email protected])

Edited by: Adam Azlee

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