The Tokyo Game Show unveiled a new trailer for Palworld

Pokemon with guns

You know how in Pokémon everything can be solved with a fair battle? Terrorists like Team Rocket run away when you defeat their Pokemon. Well, that wouldn’t exactly fly in a more realistic world. In Palworld, there are more violent ways to solve your problems.

Your other monster collecting games put your companions first. Palworld has players using them alongside the character. Instead of just commanding them into battle, you also fight with your own means, and that means with firearms. We first saw this game appear back in June, but at the Tokyo Game Show we got another look.

The trailer shows off a vast, lush world full of…buddies? There are a bunch of monsters to catch and fight. Like the other top creature collector, different monsters have different uses. They can be used to roll or increase your ammo. Give them a gun! Let them help you in battle.

There are also non-combat uses for Pals. Palworld has base building items where they can also help you. They are also just plain cute to look at. Never forget that.

Palworld doesn’t have a specific release date yet, but we expect it to come out in 2023. You can now list it on Steam. It will also be released on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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