What are the rules of the Howie Mandel Quiz Series and how much can contestants win?

netflix finally bring Bullsh*t the game show, Netflix’s highly anticipated unscripted show, all set to feature Howie Mandel as host. There is no shortage of game shows where contestants play to answer questions for an excessive amount of cash prizes. However, Netflix’s next game show doesn’t look like those typical quiz shows.

This unique game show will feature contestants being asked questions, and the only way to win the grand prize is to convince the contestants that the given answer is the correct answer. Netflix is ​​set to drop the show this April 27, 2022, and here’s all about the rules and the prizes on offer.

What are the rules of Bullsh*t The Game Show?

bullsh*t the game show has a simple game rule. Unlike classic quiz-type shows, Netflix’s game show will allow players to climb the ranks either by answering questions correctly or by playing the persuasion card and confidently giving incorrect answers to trick their opponent into believing. that he gave the correct answer. to respond. So, to win this game, you don’t have to be the smartest person in the room, but the most strategic and manipulative.

Created by Jonty Nash and Christopher Potts, famed actor and animator Howie Mandel will host the game show. For more on the show, viewers can watch the official trailer here:

The trailer opens with a voiceover from Mandel and a group of anxious contestants who are given a scenario in which they participate in a game show and don’t know any of the answers. Mandel then reveals that the script is the show itself which does not require correct answers from the audience, only tact and intelligence. Mandel goes on to explain the rules of the show: Contestants can win a big cash prize by convincing others to believe they’ve given the correct answer to a question.

The trailer features a wide array of contestants either lying or realizing they’ve just been lied to. Based on lies, deception, tact, and manipulation, it becomes apparent why the game show is named as such.

How much money can contestants win on this game show?

Bullsh*t The Game Show, with the host #HowieMandelwhere contestants will either have to answer questions correctly or provide incorrect answers so convincingly that their opponents think they are right, publishes the #Netflix April 27.#Coming #reality show #news https://t.co/bw3gy1qMQU

bullsh*t the game show follows contestants as they climb a silver ladder, much like the one seen on the popular game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire until they hit the price tag of $1 million. This is the maximum amount aspiring contestants can hope to earn from the show if they get to the top by playing the persuasion game.

Capture bullsh*t the game show on Netflix this April 27, 2022.

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